Home Playstation Forum how do i know if my ps3 is under warranty?

how do i know if my ps3 is under warranty?



  1. well how long ago did you buy it? the warranty from SONY is around 2 years.

    however if you bought it from bestbuy or circuit city and stores like that and yuo bought thier warranty that warranty only applies to that stor and not sony. so you can go back to the store and see if they can replace it or not

    if not and ur still under warranty(under 2years since you bough it) under sony they should be able to replace it not problem

  2. It don’t matter what you buy today, if it’s a TV or a ps3 they have a guarantee of 12 months, but you can extend the guarantee for another two years making it three years all together, when you buy your ps3 the guarantee should have been with it, it could have been on the back page of the book telling you how to use your ps3.

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