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How do i use a keyboard and mouse on PS3?


Ive always been a PC gamer got a PS3 and the controller is annoying, and soo hard to aim in shooters.

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  1. if a game suppoprts it u can use M&K outright w/o a prob


    DUST 514



    there are prob more that uses them but those are what i know n can remember.

    however if u want to use M&K on other games u could always get a M&K Adapter to use them with more games

  2. You can ONLY use a keyboard/mouse with a game if the game itself supports it. The only game I know of that supports mouse/keyboard is Dust 514, I don’t know any others.

    Dust 514 supports it because dust is connected to the MMORPG Pc game known as Eve.
    Hope that helps.

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