Home Playstation Forum How much could I sell my PS3 for?

How much could I sell my PS3 for?


I have a 320g slim ps3 that has





A camo Sony mic

An extra 20$ controller

And an HDMI Cable

everything is in 10/10 condition no scratches on games and I have the box for the ps3 and the mic

How much do you think I can sell it for?

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  1. Go to a marketplace website like Ebay or Amazon. Search for the same console that you have and see what other people are charging for theirs. Then factor in your games/accessories and price accordingly.

    Understand that your games/accessories won’t have any value unless they are of interest to the buyer.

    Don’t forget to factor in their relevance to current PS3 ownership. For example, you are providing the latest version of NBA 2k, so your copy of NBA 2k11 will be worth as much as a can of expired tuna fish to most people.

    Same goes for the controller. For example, if the buyer has no need for a 2nd controller, then to them its worth $0, not $20.

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