Home Xbox Forum How much is a white xbox 360 worth?

How much is a white xbox 360 worth?


Since the xbox one is coming out I wanna sell my 360 original with just a little scratches but still works perfectly fine. It also has a 20 g hard drive with four working controllers? Also I want to sell it at gamestop can anyone tell me the total price in store credit please? Thank you

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  1. You should take all the things you are wanting to sell into the store and they will give you a price there and then! Then if you are still wanting to sell it the deal can take place at the same time.

  2. You would have to call your local Gamestop because some Gamestops offer different $$ prices. Just tell them you want to know how much would you get for a white Xbox 360, 20GB hard drive, and with 4 controllers

  3. Because its really old you will probably only get about $60 out of it for the consoles and $5-$10 for each individual controller

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