Home Playstation Forum How much is my Ps3 Slim 160 GB Worth?

How much is my Ps3 Slim 160 GB Worth?


I own a ps3 slim that I got last year in July, I barely play with it. It has no scratches on it, nothing wrong at all. I own two black remotes, and batman arkham city, the amazing spider man (2012), Sonic the Hedgehog, x-men, mortal combat, DC Universe, Grand Theft Auto IV, all games work great. I would like to sell this all as one on eBay. Any suggestions for a price to start at? thank you (:

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  1. Country.

    Sell the, separate since you have a variety of games

    Sell the ps3. With remote and stuff

    And sell games as separate

    Check prices of what other people are selling and. Then sell yours like few dollars below

    All the best and best of luck

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