Home Xbox Forum How much will gamestop pay for my xbox?

How much will gamestop pay for my xbox?


i have an xbox 360 with a 20gb HD. i also have a wireless adapter and one controller. just wondering how much they will give me, store credit and cash.thanks

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  1. 35-40 Bucks store credit. 25-30 Bucks cash for the XBOX 20Gb

    Wireless controller is around 15 bucks store credit 12 bucks cash

    Wired is around 10 bucks store credit 7 bucks cash

    I called them and asked prices. They looked it up on their computer. It’s same all around each gamestop.

    I sold my controller for 25$ on craigslist each. Sooooooooooooooooooo do that instead.

  2. Gamestops a ripoff they’ll give u like 10$ store credit, trust me that’s not the way to go, ask ur friends or other people if they’re willing to buy it

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