Home Xbox Forum How much would I get at GameStop for my XBOX 360?

How much would I get at GameStop for my XBOX 360?


Ok I know this question has been many times before and that the answers vary, but bare with me.

I want to trade my xbox in at gamestop, but dont know how much i’d get.

It’s an XBOX Arcade with 60gb harddrive, a wireless adaptor, wireless controller, a madcatz wired controller, and a rechargeable kit for the wireless controller. as well as call of duty modern warfare 2.

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  2. Depending on how old it is, like if you got it a year ago they will probably buy it for like 150 bucks which sucks, but at least theyre giving you money for it, it’s not like youre selling games now those really do suck selling becuase you only get like 2 bucks (literally!) for a game that’s not even that bad.

  3. I got like $110 back in 2009, imagine you’d probably get 80-120 with the Xbox (keep in mind they will only take the xbox if you give them 1 wireless controller, and all the cables and tv adapters) When all is said and done, I’d say you walk away with about 150-180 dollars.

    And gamestop is running a $25 extra store credit on any hardware trade in.

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