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How to connect bluetooth mic to ps3?


I just bought an ML10 plantronics headset mic and im trying to connect it to mu ps3 but i dont know how. And the box didnt even come with a manual so thats out. Please help!!(:

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  1. On the XMB, go to the “Settings” column and scroll down to accessories. After clicking on “accessories,” Scroll to “Manage Blutooth Devices” and press X. You’ll see an option that says “Register New Device.” Click on that.

    When your headset is in pairing mode (usually done by holding the power button until it starts flashing red and blue), hit “Start scanning” and eventually the PS3 will find the headset. It will ask you for a passcode (usually 0000) and you’ll be good to go.

  2. thumbs up for being a girl gamer and go to the xmb menu down to accessory settings and put your headset in pairing mode and then follow the directions

  3. Go to Settings, accessory settings, conect bluetooth device.

    Just go to “conect bluetooth device” turn on you headset and your PS3 should pick it up.

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