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How to transfer data from one XBOX 360 hard drive to a larger one?


I recently bought the xbox 360 bundle pack that came with a 250 gb hard drive now I’m trying to find a cable to transfer the data from my old 20gb to it. People on ebay say the cables only work with the 120gb on down. I tried calling the xbox support service to have one sent to me but the workers there were terrible and couldn’t help me (I called multiple times) I tried giving them my address but they kept messing it up after an hour of them not being able to verify it I just hung up. Is there anyway at all to transfer my data to the new hard drive without banning my new console?

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  1. yes you can just buy a transfer kit or get one from microsoft and follow the links 🙂 good luck[url is not allowed].

  2. i don’t think that you can. maybe (just a guess), get a very cheap memory card, put the memory from the 20 gb hd onto the memory card, then put the 250gb hd into the console, and transfer it from the memory card to the hard drive (hd)

    p.s. i think that this will work, but i have never tried it

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