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I just spent $400 on a Playstation 3 and was surprised that it didn’t come with a game. Is that normal?


This is the first time I’ve owned a Playstation, though I’ve had different Nintendo systems for years. Even if the game was bad, at least it was something! I’d heard the Playstation came with a Blu-ray of Spiderman 3, though that might have been promotional. Anyone get a game with their Playstation 3?

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  1. The only way to get a game with the PS3 is to get the 80 gb PS3. You used to be able to get Motorstorm, but the 80 gb is on temporary production hold until June. In June, Metal Gear Solid 4 will be included with the 80 gb PS3.

    Hold on to your receipt because there’s a chance that the 40 gb will include Grand Theft Auto 4 in the future. If the GTA IV bundle becomes available within the coming month, you can probably exchange what you have now for the GTA IV bundle or at least get GTA IV for free.

  2. that is totally normal. there were bundles in the past and another one coming up, but NORMALLY they do NOT come with a game.

  3. I did with mine but I bought the 80GB model. (now discontinued) it came with Motorstorm, not a terribly great game but still fun. If you want a really fun game get Rock Band, that’s a good time!

  4. Yes, it’s normal that your system does not come with a game. I did not get a game with my ps3 when I got it. In fact, it took me about 5 months before I bought my first game for it. I mostly used it to play ps2 games and to watch movies.

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