Home Playstation Forum I need a new racing game, what should i buy?

I need a new racing game, what should i buy?


I need a new racing game, should i buy GT5, or some Need For Speed game?

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  1. i’d go GT5.

    car selection is extremely superior and it isn’t as repetitive as need for speed tends to be.

    i only played about 1/3 to half of shift 1 before it became boring but am still playing GT5 regularly and i’ve had it for months.

  2. Check out motorstorm. They have a demo for all three motorstorm games on ps store. Motorstorm 1 can be bought for 5 dollars at gamestop, with no trophy support. Motorstorm pacific rift can be bought for 20 to 30 new or used ,with trophy support , both games still have multiplayer servers up and running, and motorstorm apocalypse , this game is awesome check out the demos or YouTube vids and at least give motorstorm 1 a try, for 5 bucks with a seven day return at gamestop you cant go wrong!

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