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I sit a bad time to buy a X-box 360?


[url is not allowed] Is it bad to buy one because of the new x box that might be release in 2014 or do you think you can just modify the old x box.

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  1. Since it’s still 2011, and the next XBOX won’t be released until at least 2014 (It’s usually later than what they speculate), It would be fine to buy an XBOX 360.

    Also, remember how this goes. They will make a new console, and it will have so many bugs that they will make a few redesigns. If I were you, I’d wait for the redesigns.

    Even when the new console comes out, they will likely still be making all of the major games for the 360, especially since the article says they are still selling lots of 360’s.

  2. I predict a minimum of at least 3 yrs for the next STABLE Xbox console to come out, that is when the console in terms of price, availability, final design is settled so the end of 2014 is when I think the next Xbox console will appear, remember the Kinect was/is supposed to add 5 yrs to the 360’s lifespan and that came out in late 2010 so unless you’re prepared to wait at least 3 yrs, then get an Xbox 360 now.

  3. The new xbox is just a new software update and will play the all the xbox 360 games. Also, the increased storage doesn’t mean anything b/c you really don’t even need 250 GB and there are flash drives too. You still have two years until then, so don’t worry. People still have the old xbox arcade.

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