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If i buy an Xbox 360 arcade am i guaranteed the Falcon Chip? And does this mean i wont ever have the RRoD?


I am thinking about buying a 360 arcade/core and i want to know if this means i will definitely get the falcon chip. does this mean i will never have the RRoD? is it safe? what should i know to prevent RRoD?
So as long as i keep it cool i wont get the RRoD and how long max should i play for?

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  1. You will never (theoretically) never get the RROD. The new heatsink and CPU with the 65nm process virtually eliminates this problem.

    You should also know that you should first let the Xbox breathe, as it gets hot. Do not enclose it or cramp its space, let it out in the open so it can breathe. Many people put it in small or enclosed places, and thats how it gets the RROD in the first place.

  2. You’ll have the Falcon Chip, but you cannot guarentee that you will never get the Red Ring of Death. While the new chip heats much more efficiently than the old one, it can still overheat and cause hardware failure. The likelyhood of being on your 5th or 6th Xbox 360 after a year like a lot of people with the older Xboxs are however.

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