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In PlayStation Home, And in the Hub server, I found all three pieces, but it still tells me to find them?


I found all of the three pieces of paper, but when I go to the computers, it doesn’t show me the quiz thing.

I did the same thing on my friends PS3, and when he found all of the pieces, the ‘voice’ told him to go to the computers. I never heard this voice.

I assumed that it was some kind of bug. So I left the server, and re-entered. And to my surprise, the guy said I still needed to find the pieces. So I looked to where they once were, but they weren’t there.

I know how to fix this problem, but I don’t want to delete Home off of my PS3, then reinstall it.

I also don’t want to create a new PSN account, then try to do it again just for one silly server.

Is there any way of deleting the server from inside Home? I don’t think there is but I may be wrong.

Anyways, I guess this question isn’t that important. But I do (somewhat) want to know how I can (If I can) make the server, work?

Thanks for all of your help.


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  1. It’s a bug. When you enter the Hub, immediately turn left. You’ll see a panel. Face and choose Disconnect (or something like that). Note: you’ll have to find those pieces again.

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