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Internet for xbox live?


My parents have a modem that doesn’t support xbox or whatever, it won’t connect me to xbox live even if it’s a wired connection so does anyone know of something I can get to connect my xbox to the internet? My friend said something about a hotspot or something like it’s a device you plug into your phone and you have internet? Any information would be great, thanks.

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  1. how does your modem not support xbox? do they have some sort of firewall? if it cannot even connect to a wired connection? did you check if the cable was working? or if the Ethernet port is not working? have you tried wifi? what xbox do you have.the old one or the new black one that comes with wifi?

  2. More information required, make and model number of the ‘store brand modem’,

    What error(s) do you get when you try to connect?

    Is it an encryption protocol / key problem?

    Do they have MAC address filtering turned on on the router?

    There are a couple of mobile broadband dongles that work directly with the PS3 and XBOX, or you can with the right phone use it as a modem to get internet but the speeds are relatively slow.

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