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Is it worth buying a PS3 just to get MLB the show 2010?


Just debating getting it for the game, I know its worth it bcuz of bluray, but for gaming? Ive got xbox 360, but i really like this game but only for ps3. Wondering your opinions. Thanks.

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  1. The Show is a great game but its not worth 300 for a PS3 then another 50 or so for the game. That would be a huge investment just for one game.

    MLB 2k10 is good game to play baseball on the xbox 360 if that is what you have. I mean I would think you have that.If you don’t have the 360 and want either the 360 or PS3 then go for the PS3 but I am sure you have xbox.

    In conclusion I would not spend all that money for one game.

  2. no. not just for 1 game i have it and yes the game is better than 2k10 but if you were to be getting more than that game like lil big planet or uncharted 2 or kilzone 2 than yes

  3. Yes it is,as maybe you havent hear but the ps3 can do umm.everything.

    Blu-Ray,HD,MOVIES,MUSIC,VIDEOS,CHAT,IN. man im living the life with this system,and on top, in the game MLB SHow 2010 you can listen to your music that you have saved on the ps3 harddrive too!

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