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Is the new PS3 backwards compatible?


I was just wondering if the new small 120gb 300$ PS3 was backward compatible with ps2 games. And I couldn’t find any reliable sites to say if it was or wasn’t so I was hoping that someone knows from personal experience.

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  1. In short, no.with an exception. Playstation abandoned backwards compatibility for any newer models (as far as playing on a hard disk). Now.on the brighter side of things (or darker side, depending how you view it), Playstation has been in talks with Sega and the plan to develop a emulator for specific titles on PS2 so they can release a majority of their library for download through Playstation Store only. So even though there are only a few titles available for download now, there will be more in the future soon. Fortunately it may be PS2 title that you enjoyed and want to have on your PS3. Unfortunately, it could be a title you already own and cannot enjoy the luxury of inserting in the disk drive and playing. Talk about a double edge sword.

  2. Nope. Sony removed the Emotion Engine CPU hip (which provided compatability with all PS2 games) in 2007 PS3s and the Graphics Synthesizer GPU chpi (which provides any PS2 compatability) in 2008, 2009, and future PS3s to cut costs.

    The only PS3s with full PS2 support are:

    20GB PS3 (I DO NOT RECOMMEND, NO Wi-Fi/flash Cards)

    60GB PS3.

    The only PS3 that had limited PS2 compatability are 80GB PS3s (2007 / bundled w/ MotorStorm or MGS4).

    However, there are rumours that Sony might re-add compatability support.

  3. no its not.sony stopped this feature to save money.can u believe it!!.keep ur old ps2 if u still got it

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    its about 1/4 of the way down on the page (in the charts)

  4. No it’s not! The only PS3 models that played PS2 games were the 20GB and 60GB 2006 launch models which are no longer being produced and then there was a bundled 80GB model released in 2007 that also played some PS2 games and it too is no longer being made!

    Some PS2 and PS1 titles are available for download on the Playstation store but if you’re like me and own several PS2 games then you don’t want to pay for the same game twice.

    I bought a 60GB at launch and I’m glad I’m able to play some of my PS2 games because my PS2 system went out on me shortly after I bought my PS3!

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