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is the PS3 slim 250gig really a rip because i really dont need that much they wont me to spend 350 just 4 the?



  1. No it is not a “rip”. Its for people who need the hard drive space (people who have massive music and/or video collections) and don’t want to bother with a hard drive swap. You are paying $50 for an extra 130 GB. Believe it or not, this isn’t that bad of a deal. Yes, 250 GB drives can be purchased for about $50 online, but keep in mind that you have the convenience of not needing to do any extra work in the hard drive upgrade.

  2. Get the 120Gb if you don’t plan on filling it up with a bunch of music, videos, demos, etc

    If you don’t need the space now then when you want you can latter on when or if you need to add space it easy to switch out you ps3 hard drive. It not hard at all. in fact everyone I know buys the 120 GB ps3 & swap out the hard drive to 320GB or 500GB. So yeah get the 120gb because of the cost of a 250gb ps3 yo can latter up grade the 120 for the same price but with more memory (320GB).

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    hope this helps. why spend more if you don’t have to.

    some of the games have to have content down loaded to the ps3 but most of the time it not that much

    Space does kinda fill up fast but I know people with less space (60gb) and they do fine.

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