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Is this xbox a good deal?


I’m wanting to buy an xbox, someone has this for £80

For sale: xbox 360 premium with farcry 2 front plastics: comes with 2 rechargable pads: rechargable dock 3 call of dutys. Red dead redemption and grand theft auto iv.

Is this a good deal? I pretty much know nothing about xbox. Someone told me this is more prone to RROD and so I’d be better off buying a new one? Also, can I use a kinneckt on one this old?

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  1. For what you get it is a good deal. Yes the older consoles are more prone to RRoD but some are still going from launch. Even if you remove the console from the mix it is still an alright deal. You can also use Kinect on all Xbox 360 models.

  2. Just buy a new one, they are less prone to RRoD and are Kinect ready.

    Great starter Xbox – [url is not allowed].

    Xbox w/ Kinect – [url is not allowed].

    And that model IS NOT Kinect ready, you need an adapter and that is a whole lotta cords.

  3. No, it’s not.

    Just buy the newer SLIM models, because:

    – The Slim already has built in Wireless N.

    – The Slim has the RROD issue fix.

    – The Xbox 360 Slim has a low failure rate, compared to the premium model you said.

  4. Don’t wait for next-gen, that’s the most useless advice i’ve ever heard.

    If that Xbox package is near new or in well serviced condition then yes, it’s a pretty good deal, not amazing though. I would go to a shop like Game if buying a 2nd hand xbox as they offer 3 month warranty and option of cheap insurance.

    Spend half an hour checking prices in local shops & online at Play.com, Amazon, Game etc before you decide and you’ll have all the info you need.

  5. It’s a pretty good deal but if you want to go on-line you’ll have to buy an adapter also it is more prone to the RROD but even then it’s still pretty minimal.

  6. That’s a good deal yes, I have a xbox premium and Iv owned it from new and never had any problems with it and you can use the kinnect on any xbox 360, hope that helps

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