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ive got a PS2, is there anything out there i can buy to make it wireless? if so, where the heck do i get it?


its the original playstation 2 (not the slim one) ive already got the adapter connected to the back of the PS2 in the bay (to run a cable from my PS2 to my wireless HUB/router) but im looking for any way to do this wireless. my HUB/Router is in my kitchen and my PS2 is on the other side of the house. i cant run a cord that long.

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  1. Depending on your Playstation 2, If it is the slimline model, which came with an ethernet port, you can get a gaming adapter such as the linksys WGA54G to connect to your router then pipe the connection to the ethernet port.

    If you have the original Playstation 2 then you will have to purchase the official network adapter and a wireless gaming adapter.

    Note: There are other wireless gaming adapters available, the Linksys is just the one that I used.

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