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Just got a PlayStation 3?


I have an HDTV but don’t know whether I should buy the HDMI chord or the AV Component for my Playstation 3, which is better.

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  1. i would recomend that you buy HDMI cause it will enable you to maximize the resolution of the games given and details of each graphics.

  2. you “just got a playstation 3” as in you didn’t pay for it? Cause i’d feel sorry for you if you actually paid for a NongameStation Triple.

  3. HDMI is definately better. I used component cables for a couple of weeks and was amazed at how great ‘Resistance’ looked. I thought there was no point paying for HDMI as I couldn’t see how the picture could be any better (my tv is a Samsung). I eventually gave in to the hype and bought an HDMI cable. To be honest the quality didn’t seem any better at first, but slowly you start to notice that those slight imperfections have gone and the image is totally perfect. I wouldnt say HDMI is essential but if you don’t get one you will always be wondering. As for the cable the playstation 3 comes with.in the bin, it’s rubbish.

  4. HDMI dude there a difference i don’t care what people say the graphics with hdmi are beautiful compared to the a/v cables provided with the ps3 i know it cost a pretty penny but it worth it get the hdmi connections and congratulations on getting a ps3 maybe i’ll see you online if you like you can add me to your friend list.,.get any games for it!?

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