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Minecraft Xbox 360 & PS3: TU31 Tutorial World – All Music Disc Locations! (Xbox One/PS4/Wii U)


Minecraft Xbox 360 & PS3: TU31 Tutorial World - All Music Disc Locations! (Xbox One/PS4/Wii U)

Minecraft Xbox One disc release date confirmed news! Official release date info for Minecraft Xbox One disc version! Minecraft Xbox One official release date comes straight from Xbox! Both Minecraft Xbox One & PS4 edition disc versions should be the same as digital downloads! More Minecraft Xbox One & PS4 news coming soon! Be sure to LIKE & SHARE the video!

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Minecraft Xbox One - DISC RELEASE DATE CONFIRMED! - Release Date Update (Minecraft Xbox One News)


  1. if your like me and can't be bothered to watch the video go in the description it has the Coordinates like this so every one can see

  2. I already knew about the one at the church I found it yesterday before I watched this video lol

  3. if you accidentally blow up the desert temple by stepping on a pressure plate when you go back you can see the chest what the last music disc with the last music disc

  4. Knew this was going to happen Xbox getting everything first guess I will be on 2k15, Advanced Warfare, and Destiny. 🙁 :)

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