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modern warefare 2 1.08 update problems? PS3?


Ok, heres the deal. I havent played in 4 weeks because ive been busy and i just got on because im snowed in and it says i need a 1.08 version update.

first off when i try to download this it gets to about 5-7% and stops and eventually says there was an error.

Now that im looking it up on the internet here, i see theres been alot of complaints about this update not working/causing problems.

what do i do? i cant play online cause i need the update, it wont download and people are having problems. what is going on? could this be considered a state of emergency for many people? and i hope the assholes behind this are getting fired this is bullshit.

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  1. Maybe your Game folder is corrupted. Go to Game>Game data utility and delete your data folder. This is not your game save so you wont be deleting your campaign. Start the game and it might ask you to install data on to your HDD. Then go sign in to PSN. The game will detect the update data so download it and install.

    Update 1.08 for PS3 MW2:

    -Care package glitch was fixed

    -Infinite care package glitch fixed

    -Fix to Sentry gun placement

    -Bling Akimbo 1887 range is balanced

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