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My ps3 keeps freezing randomly, help?


Its mostly only in folding@home?, is that normal? (sometimes, but rarely in games too)

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  1. easy. uninstall folding@home it takes away from the computing power of the ps3. and no i don’t think its normal at all because ps3’s have a really good processor that doesn’t crash or make the system freeze at all so you might want to uninstall folding@home by clicking triangle and delete.

  2. Folding@Home does have some glitches, that causes the system to freeze, along with other games (such as Assassin’s Creed, prepatch). Your freezes could be from software glitches. Or, another cause of freezes is when you have the improper surrounds for the PS3. Make sure it has >4″ of space around the sides, and don’t run it with the entertainment center door closed. That will cause heat buildup that creates a higher occurrence of freezes.

  3. It could be the folding that does it, but you want to guard against overheating the ps3 too.

    keeping that “breathing space” around your ps3 is misleading advice from Sony, the danger is that you may think you’re ok even in a hot place so long as you’ve got that 4 inches around it. While that’s important, the most crucial factor is the ambient temperature, that is the temperature in the room it’s in. It should be, well, room temperature, 72 F or 23C, or less. Sony may not specifically recommend that, and it may not kill your ps3 to run it when it’s hotter, but running it hotter does put it at greater risk of both sudden hardware failure, and shorter lifespan. Your ps3 will let you know when it’s getting hot, by how loud the fan is.

    I used to live in a place where it would often be 80F or above indoors, and my ps3 hated life there. It froze several times. Finally I started using it only at night, and eventually moved to a cooler place, and it hasn’t frozen since.

    If you stop folding@home and your ps3 keeps freezing, and it’s not running hot, you should probably stop using it and call sony’s customer service for over-the-phone advice.

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