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my ps3 wont show up on my tv. how do i fix this?


i have a Magnavox tv and the ps3 system itself does work but it wont show on my tv. i had recenty unhooked it and brought it to my friends hows last night. i tried to hook it back up at my house and will not show on my tv. i did not bang it or anything when i was over my friends house and i do have all the wiring for the system. can you please help me and tell me some ways i could try and fix this.

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  1. Changing TVs changes the PS3’s display settings. When its on standby hold the on button until it beeps a 2nd time, then it’ll reset the display settings to whatever it is plugged to at that point. should do the trick 🙂

  2. It may be your settings. PS3 doesn’t auto adjust between HDMI and standard settings, so if you had to switch you’ll have to plug in the other cords and change it manually. It’s aggravatingly dumb.

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