Home Playstation Forum my ps3s disk drive is broken?

my ps3s disk drive is broken?


My PS3 Is a CECHE01 MG and it wont even accept any disk. i cant even put a disk in the drive. any suggestions? i cant send it to sony

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  1. You have several options – You could take it to a PS3 console repair shop, which usually runs $100, give or take, per repair plus parts. You could look online for a guide for doing it yourself. There are videos on youtube to do this. You can get a replacement drive on ebay for pretty cheap usually and, combined with an assembly video on youtube, do the work yourself. Lastly, you can just buy a new one. They are pretty expensive, but this is the easiest option. Good luck! Cheers!

  2. Send it for a free repair if it is still under warranty but if not you can either pay for repairs or use this as an excuse to get a new one.

  3. Did you check to make sure you don’t already have a disk in?

    If not, Idk what to tell you man. gotta buy another one.

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