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My xbox 360 keeps saying “Open Tray” after i put a disc in?


What do i do?

I put other discs in there and it still said open tray.

I really dont want to go to Microsoft because it taks like a million years to get it fixed.

Is there anything I can do to fix it?
The cord that goes from the outlet to the first power box isnt the xbox 360 cord.

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  1. First thing to try is use a cd/dvd lens cleaning disk. These can be found at any major electronics store.

  2. I had the same problem, and there is a really simple fix to it. Follow the steps below:

    1. Remove any games from your Xbox 360’s disc tray.

    2. Turn your Xbox 360 off.

    3. Now, give it a couple good, but careful smacks to it’s sides, and escpecially near the drive area, and lower down near the Ring of Light.

    Trust me, this works. I had the same problem, and this is how I fixed it. No need to pay MS $200.00 for a simple fix like that.

  3. I have the same problem sometimes, it happens randomly. I’ll switch discs and it just won’t read the disc I’m trying to play. Or any other disc. I do not smack my xbox when this happens. I take the disc out, shut it down, start it back up with the button on the front of the console (not the controller). Then I put the disc in and it works. I have no idea why but this is what works for me.

  4. The laser lens is either dirty or somehow misaligned.

    Like the other poster wrote, you should go get a lens cleaner from walmart or radio shack or something and run it through the 360. If the xbox finds that CD then it was just dirty, if it doesn’t find that CD then you’ll need to do some surgery and crack it open to see if the laser lens has become dislodged or broken.

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