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PC vs Console as Fast As Possible


PC vs Console as Fast As Possible


  1. So, what about the games for the individual system, relative to recording/streaming? Could you briefly pinpoint the technical differences?

  2. pc may be more powerful than console but at the end of the day who really cares? its all about what you have fun playing and i have fun playing console, pc dosent really interest me

  3. My PC is the size of a console, runs all games at ultra and is connected to both desktop monitor and a 55" tv in the living room. Can't play uncharted 4 tho.

  4. Finally some common sense!!! I'm so bloody sick of this barage of dumb assholes fighting big time WAR over something like 'playing a bloody game' like it's about the cure for cancer.

  5. There are no issues with consoles if you want a solid gaming experience, it's just PC's are better for all the little things, and let's face it all in all better, that's coming from a console gamer

  6. Fact of the matter PC is better! save ur 400$ you were going to spend on console save bit more and you can destroy console gamers and get better gaming experience. KB and Mouse will always wreck the controller and I play games to win! Playing isnt fun playing and winning is fun. Grew up playing pc and will always enjoy it for the sentimental factor. Lastly, console players are just lazy and inferior to the PCmasterRace!

  7. Is it just me or do games naturally look better on console? Don't bring up screen resolution or detail, because at the end of the day, when you're playing a game, those make minimal difference. Are you really going to notice the difference between 900p and 1080p or High and Ultra while you're in the middle of a firefight in Battlefield 1? Really? But for some reason when I see console gameplay, even though it has less FPS it doesn't feel laggy. And yet the same game at a whopping 140 FPS looks laggy on PC. I don't know why, but that's how it feels when I see it.

  8. where did we go wrong. when did gaming become less about fun and more about cock fights between pc and consoles? "Ugg you on Xbox. Gross you a ps4 player. yuck Pc" why the fuck do you care? I can't tell you how may times I went to a video about a console or pc update. just to see "pc, Master race on something about Xbox/Ps4 in vice versa. we  use slurs such as Ponys, Xbots and piss-c players not even realizing how disgusting we sound. why don't stop attacking each other and start focus on more important issues like people who calls gaming harmful?

  9. The human eye can only see 30 fps so it is better to get the console because it uses the recourses more wisely

  10. But can it run The Last of Us? I think not. Consoles are superior. Pcs are inferior. Get over that fact.

  11. I need some help: My birthday is coming for one month so shloud i buy a Console PS4/XBOXONE or PC for 1000$ I mean if i buy PC for 1K$ then i won't have probably any game to buy but if i buy Console i'll have pretty much 300$ to spend on games..So…What shloud i buy? Thanks and sorry if this took you time to read all. :)

  12. I have a ps4 but I want to start a YouTube channel.
    what should I go with ps4 or pc. I know nothing about pc and have never really played it.
    Tell me what thing I should have and weather I should make a YouTube channel.

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