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PLEASE whats wrong with XBOX 360?


So I have recently have bought a PS3 but my old XBOX 360 keeps messing up. After about an hour of playing a game it automatically shuts off. Now I have already made shure it was well ventilated but it continues to shut off. If u have any suggestions PLEASE write back. I would like to play MINECRAFT again.

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  1. You could try blowing it out with a can of air. Maybe there is some dust or gunch covering the vents and air is not getting through good enough. But you need canned air.

    If you do that and th eissue continuies, Some people put a household fan.and point it at the back vent of the XBOX so it can blow more in. To me it sounds like the board is over heating. If you have not opened up the XBOX yet you might have Ms look at it.if you have then power it on and make sure the fans are all moving inside.that usually causes the issue.

  2. Your console is over heating. The only possible fixes is to open your console and thourogly clean it out. If that doesn’t fix it then you will need to replace the thermal compound between the cpu/gpu with new artic silver thermal compound.

    If you have more questions or need someone to do it for you you can contact me below:

    email: [email is not allowed]

    aim: monkeyman oo7 69


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