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Problems getting Xbox 360 connected through wireless on a city network?


In the city I live in we have a city network which is free to anyone in the city. It is the type of network where you connect to the network, you aren’t immediately granted internet access, then when u open a browser the terms and conditions come up, you accept and proceed and at that point your granted “local and internet” access and not just local access.

The problem with this is that my XBOX 360 has no web browser. So I cannot agree to the terms. I talked to the network administration team and they basically told me I’m on my own, if I figure it out, let them know. I’m getting an error that the MTU is insufficient (not those exact words but similar).

When I hook up my Xbox to my laptop through an ethernet cable and set up internet sharing from my wireless network to my LAN, my Xbox will connect to Xbox Live just fine (and my computer is connected to the same wireless network). So I know its compatible, I just can’t seem to get the Xbox connected to the wireless network through the factory wireless adapter. And the adapter is fine, it connects to other networks without a problem.

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  1. Since you’re connecting to a WAN (wide area network) for Internet access, it would be hard to change some network settings like adjusting your MTU value.

    Unfortunately, I think the only way to connect your Xbox 360 to Xbox Live is to connect it directly to your labtop and let the Xbox 360 utilize the labtop for Internet connection. If you own your own Internet, it would be much more simple.

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