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PS3 Broke with Update on 06/28/10. Posted 07/06/09?


OK, I recently updated my PS3 (old version) on June 28, and like always, with an update, you need to restart it, but when it did that, it made this weird noise like when you choke on food. when i attempt to turn it on, it does it’s normal operating noise for 2.5 seconds, then gives me a green/yellow light for less than a second, then chokes. It sounds like its the hard drive on the left, but idk. I don’t understand how just not even being touched while updating, it screwed itself up. Did this happen to anyone else? How can i repair it? PLEASE HELP!!

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  1. THIS EXACT THING HAPPENED TO ME! yea, believe it or not! I went to blockbuster, gamestop, and bestbuy to see if it could even be fixed but they said it broke and there was no way to fix it so I bought a new one at Sears.

  2. Yep thats the yellow light of death (ylod). When you get the YLOD you have a few options:

    1. Send the PS3 to Sony for repair ($150)

    2. Find a local shop to do the repair

    3. Buy a new ps3

    4. fix it yourself (cheapest)

    Here is the best guide to do it yourself: [url is not allowed]

  3. I didn’t have any problem following update. I have an old 80G model.

    If it’s your HDD, you can replace that yourself (see below). It’s out of warranty (I assume) so there’s anything is gonna cost you money. New PS3’s are cheap now, probably cheaper than getting sony to fix/replace it.

    Just check there isn’t some food in there, or the little man inside didn’t choke.

  4. Easy way is to repair it by ya self and within 1 hr following full step by step guide and video to see actually how to do check here [url is not allowed]

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