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PS3 Controller for Emulator?


If I install drivers on my PS3 Controller to use on an emulator for my laptop, will my controller still work fine on my PS3 Console?

Stupid question but just to be sure lol thanks.

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  1. I use DS3 Motion Joy so the thing is that i believe its better wired instead of wireless as wired is reliable as wireless may spoil ur controllers bluetooth (MY BELIEF) if you use it wired when your done playing on pc with it then take the cord off and hold the ps button and it should automaticly connect but if it does not, connect it wired to ur ps3 and press ps button just like when you sync your controller when you take it to ur freids houses. It will work just fine but i suggest do not use the bluetooth

    hope this helps

  2. Driver software installs onto your PC. It would make no sense for it to have any effect on the controller itself.

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