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PS3 Lagging while playing offline and online? WTF!!?


Every single time I go online for offline to play my ps3 my games freeze. Like a few minutes ago I was playing gta 4 and then the game lags for like 10 secs and then it’s back to normal!! Is this normal for a ps3 since I heard from a couple of my friends that this Happens on the ps3. Anyways yes I have a good connection and everything but what’s wrong? Should I call Sony or something?

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  1. hey dont worry.if u updated to FW 3.00 then this is ur problem.the new FW does that.check this article:

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    if u read the comments.its not just uncharted

  2. Well assuming your playing online, someone else in your house may be on the internet which makes the connection weaker.

  3. I own a PS3, and I have a few suggestions for you.

    1.) The PS3 could be over-heating. If thats the problem, buy an intercooler.

    2.) You have so much stuff on your PS3, that it lags, because it has almost no memory left.

    3.) If none of this works, I would call Sony, and see what the problem is. They will probably ask you the same things I just wrote.

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