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Ps3 Mics Trouble, Voice Changer.?


So, I’m fairly old but yet my voice still has to mature, guess puberty decided to go a little slower for me. I would like to put my mic on -2 voice changer to sound a bit more masculine, but everytime I do, the people I talk to can tell Its on due to the fact my mic echos and they say they can re-hear themselves just a bit more deeper. Is there anyway I can keep the voice changer on, without them knowing it is? Without them hearing themselves? I have a pretty cheap microphone, but I still don’t want them to know its on deep.

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  1. no matter what its always going to be obvious you are using the voice changer because it doesn’t sound natural but the main problem you have is echo and that is caused by your cheap headset as you called it , a cheap low quality headset is always going to give feedback or echo if turned loud enough to hear you clearly and adding a voice changer just distorts it more , get a decent headset and it won’t have that echo and you’ll be heard clearly but if you use voice changer there is no way to hide it. There are a few things you can do to make your voice deeper though ( tricks used by voice coaches ) , cough a few times. clear your throat then gargle and then talk from the back of your throat and bring the voice up from your chest instead of your mouth and it will make your voice sound deeper and if you practice you can make it deeper without any problem , if yo are in the 12-13 year age range in a year or two your voice will change by itself anyway and there is nothing wrong with not having that deep voice yet.

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