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Ps3 red screen of death fix help?


i have a ps3 80gb( the one before the slim came out) still under the warranty. after i updated it it was working fine but when i turned it on the red screen came up. i dont have the proof of purchase so it will cost me $150. i just want to know if i send it in for $150 do i get a new or refurbushed slim or if i get mine fixed.

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  1. u just get urs fixed u dont get a new one unless its really broken and its there fault or a refurbished one

    but most big company dont have refurbished ones that they exchange besides apple

  2. Hi,

    It is a big problem that occurs today on a ps3. Ps3 has a failure rate of 5-10%. I would recommend not to send it to sony as they charge $150 and you have to wait 6 weeks. This problem is mainly causes by overheating. It is usually a general hardware error. I have experienced the same problem and have done a bit of research. You should find that this website is a great way to fix a ps3 as it worked for me. ps3redlightfix.info

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