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Ps3: Trading in my xbox 360 slim at gamestop?


Hey guys i was gonna trade my xbox 360 slim since i use the ps3 a lot more. I was just wondering wot the procedure is. I am gonna trade it in at gamestop. I know wot some of u guys are gonna say about how they will rip me off, but i dont sell online or anything like that. I am trading it in towards ps3 games lol. Thanks

Btw im just asking u guys (fellow ps3 community) because as a whole we are more polite 🙂

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  1. Just give them the ps3+accessories you may have bought for it (like you’ll need them now!) and ask if that’s enough for the 360.If not,take it to ebay.You will get a better deal from ebay anyway.

  2. You will need to take it to Gamestop or whatever place your going to trade it in. Make sure to take everything that came in the box. Controller, instruction book, connection cables, and anything else. They will test it to make sure it works and issue you store credit you can use either now or later. Be prepared to get maby half of what you paid for it.

  3. when you take your xbox slim to the gamestop remember to take some id with you and they will ask you if you want cash or instore credit,,

    take the instore credit you get more money towards the ps3 but you can only spend it instore,,

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