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ps3 video convert any format – help?


Before you read my question, there maybe make you confusion when read or don’t make any scene. I’m deaf and had bad grammar in English. please try understand. I wish I could make English better. if you are deaf aware, it will be good and you maybe chance to understand. if you don’t deaf aware, it could be little difficult but worth to try understand.

Anyway,i search all around on internet to find right answer but nothing of them gives me answer about PS3 video convert. I just want ask you, how to put all Dragon Ball Z collection or other video on ps3 without USB or external hard drive. I recent download called PS3 Media Server as it is good but problem is when I open Dragon Ball Collection folder then i try open other folder like Dragon Ball Z but it wont open. it is same as other which not open, i have no clue how to – do you know how to solve problem? i dont really mind to convert like.MKV to MP4 or whatever but i want all of them download at once without waste or long time to do as i can put it all once time give me more time and quickly

please help me, i will filled 5 stars if you give a best internet or whatever like open almost of them folder while in PS3 media server like that

thanks for read

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  1. Get the program Any Video Converter to convert the files to MP4. The video(s) you have the conversion is bad, so you have to re-convert for proper use on the PS3.

    AVC Download: [url is not allowed].

    @AJ: Note they said NOT EXTERNAL! Pay attention next time.

  2. First make sure your external harddrive is formatted to fat 32. Ps3 only read fat 32 format. try any video converter. it allows you to convert videos to different formats in a batch method.

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