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PS4 vs Xbox One Episode 1: Hardware


PS4 vs Xbox One Episode 1: Hardware


  1. first of all ps 4 is 1000000000000000000000000000000 times better than xbox! FUCK YOU XBOX

  2. Here is why console have better than PC, first off is overheating,console have optimized overheating temperature, PC had no optimized temperature overeating, looks at the ps4 overheating, it up to 50○c but PC up to 70○c quickly, second is the power consumption, for ps4,it has 150watt,for PC, it only have 200 to 600watt including PSU. Last one is functionality and setup, ps4 have Blu ray drive, it has web browsing and watch movies, for PC, it has functions selection, but all PC function also can be found on smartphone and tablets today as well can be found on laptop too! You can buy smartphone and tablet to do web browsing and Skype video calls as well document editing and watch movies, you can buy laptop to do audio editing and video editing as well PC gaming on the go, why not?! Laptop is uperclass, smartphone and tablet's master race! Console gaming king of master race convenience, PC desktop peasant obsolete shit! Hope the desktop PC become obsolete after laptop future technology.

  3. I just switched over to ps4 from xbox one mainly becuase most of my friends are on it and I have no use for backwards compatibility I have my Xbox 360 which is a beast

  4. ps4 and xbox one are the same thing with a different looking box.

    ps3 and xbox 360 should be obvious though that the ps3 was better.

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