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Question about my PS3?


I have not been able to download the latest update for the playstation store. I have already contacted customer service and tried everything they said and nothing has worked. My ps3 downloads the update just fine then it goes to install and always quits at 14 percent everytime. I’ve tried a wired connection, wireless connection. My PS3 is new and NOT broke! The error code is 80029564. I can play multiplayer games just fine. I just can’t use the playstation store if I need to. If anyone has a fix for this it would greatly help.

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  1. The only thing I can suggest that might work for you is to download the update from a computer, put it on a flash drive formatted to FAT32 and try updating the PS3 that way. I’ll give you a link that explains what to do and will also give you the download itself.

    [url is not allowed].

    Also check out this link, where this guy supposedly fixes the issue, I’d give it a look:

    [url is not allowed].

    Another reason for MOST error codes is actually because you internet connection/speed, router and/or modem just simply suck. If everything still fails, I would suggest either upgrading the internet you have, getting a new router, or simply changing ISP’s to resolve the issue. It may have to come down to that, but I hope the USB update will work for you. Good luck.

    Hope that helps.

  2. The error is due to an incomplete download. You mostly see this when download games while the server is busy it has shadow files sneak in (I call them that) anyways, since I’m not at my PS3 can you delete the PS Store download? (I will look later tonight when I can. If you can delete the PS Store download and re-download it, the problem should be fixed.

  3. from the error code it looks like it’s got to be either your wifi connection is not strong enough or your download speed is extremely slow when you try updating the store , or psn servers are just super busy right now so you are not able to update at this time , if tha’s the case just wait until later on or wait a day and try it again

    test your connection and see if it’s ( a ) slow ( under 2 mbps is considered slow ) ( b ) is a weak wifi connection ( if using a wired connection check the cable for damage ) , ( c ) is a restricted connection that’s blocking the download ( the way to tell is if your nat type is 3 or upnp is unavailable or both its restricted and you need to enable unpn , port forward or both

    The other possibility is your not allowed to use the psn store on your psn account , only an adult user over 18 using a master account can usually use the store to purchase content or download most items

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