Home Xbox Forum Red ring on xbox 360 won’t turn off. I need help.?

Red ring on xbox 360 won’t turn off. I need help.?


Well my little sister was getting ready to log into her account on the xbox 360 when the three red rings showed up. And she unplugged everything like she was supposed to and she waited for about an hour. Once she plugged everything back up and turned the game back on the screen went black and the ring showed back up and began blinking. I attempted to see if it would work, but it showed up for me to. What should I do? I told my dad about it and all he said was” So like I care.”, And ” Like I could do anything about it.” Does anybody know how I could try and get it to work properly again?

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  1. either.no wait, take it to gamestop, my brother had the same problem, i think it would have died if he didn’t take it to be repaired. srry, if i was no help TT^TT

  2. Its possible that its NOT the XBOX that went bad, but actually the power suppy unit (the big gray brick). If you know of a friend with an xbox360, take yours over there and plug it in to their brick. if its the 360, it will still be RRoD, but if its the power supply at your place, then it will power up just fine at your friends house. and there are options for replacing the power supply unit (like using a computer’s power supply)

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