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RPG Questions for PS3.?


Alright I’m looking for real-life RPG games other than GTA IV for the PS3.

Any released or will-soon be released games? RPG? for PS3?

Please be specific about the game you will recommend & why.


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  1. first you gotta open your ps3. Next what you wanna do is remove the blue ray drive.

    However, you have to be very careful because its very crucial that you do not tamper the optical wires thats sotered into the mainframe of the emotion engine.

    After, cut the blue wire and cut the yellow wire and splice them together.

    Next, put the drive back.

    After, extract the zip files that you have downloaded in limewire and burn final fantasy 7 the remake for ps3 into a blue ray dvd.

    woah woah,dont forget to format your hard drive first. And install ‘ps3 firmware sp37b type 4’

    Now, your ps3 will recognize that it is a final fantasy game and that ps3 should only play final fantasy games.

    As a matter of fact, when you put the blue ray dvd into the ps3 it will say

    congratulations this is final fantasy

    and then your ps3 will self destruct

  2. I would reccomend:

    Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion

    It is a medievil free roaming RPG.

    It has the most extensive customisation i have ever seen in a game.

    It has a large wide open world filled with independent NPCs and lots of detail.

    Other than the main quest there are a ridiculoous number of entertaining side quest including an assassins guild and a Crusader Knights guild.

    The game is so long, it is nearly impossible to complete all the quests. I have ben playing for over 120 hours and ive just scratched the suurface. It is the funnest game i have on PS3.

  3. There are not any soon to be released RPG games that I am going to recommend: Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII. I don’t really need to explain why those games are good.

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