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Should i buy a ps3 or xbox360?


OK here is the deal.

I was wondering if i should buy a xbox 360 or ps3

I am going to sell all my gamecube games and the system for 100(good deal?)

Then i have another 120.

Can i buy any system for 300.or 350.

I would also like it if you could get me some good games for any sysyem except COD 4,Halo3,Gears of war

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  1. PS3 + 1080p tv + HDMI

    Metal Gear Solid 4

    DMC 4


    Resi 5


    to name a few titles

    dude – get spiderman 3 of blu ray – tis better than real life

    no shiznit

    now – go get em tiger

    get ps3 with ratchet and resistance

    free online play and awesome playstation store for demos n downloads etc

  2. Do you care about Bluray? If you do then get the PS3 Other then that, just get whatever system had the most games you like

  3. ps3! a lot of people say xbox 360 cause theres more games but ps3 games are coming soon so its worth the wait.there are plenty games to hold you till then. oblivion is a great game.

  4. i got a ps3 for Xmas , and i love it , many people may say the xbox because of the number of games , but 2008 is going to be a big year for the ps3 (games wise), plus the added blu-ray player is a very nice bonus

  5. xbox 360 is $350

    ps3 is $399

    360 has more games like halo3, gears,bioshock,mass effect,and many more.

    what does ps3 have resistance omg!! one game that good

    and dont put this question one the PLAYSTATION section of course every1 is going to say ps3.

  6. the ps3 have hardware that will generaly cost 3000$

    it got a blu ray drive

    hard drive

    the most advanced processesr(if compare it to the xbox then the ps3 will be like intel core 2 extreme and the xbox will pentuim 3)


    USB ports

    physix acclerater (pc version cost 1500 btw)

  7. man i own both i mean i kinda lean towards my ps3 right now but my 360 is equally as good but i think that’s just because xbox really have not really came out with anything in the last 2 to 3 months that has wowed me. but if you want to go id say save up some more and get the 80gb ps3 cause lets face it if your going to go with a system you want to go with the best and now it’s not at all that much more. as far as the xbox 360 goes i hear they may coming with a ultimate system able to do more then the other xbox 360’s with a bigger hard drive. but you may want to game now so i’ll say get the ps3 for now cause of course that’s the higher priced system and if you decided to get them both as im sure you may very well do you could get the xbox faster the second time aound then trying to get the ps3 and they are starting to really pick up where i live.

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