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should i buy xbox 360?


okk should i buy it , they say it get messed like in a month and i dont wanna pay 600 buks for a month , will it atleast run a year and is there something i should know about or look out for when buying the console , like accessories , flaws , games?/

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  1. GET an xbox, they are great! Get xbox live with it and you’ll love it. I love the games Halo 3, Gears of war 2, (both Exclusive to xbox) and the call of duty series and much more, i love my xbox. I have had mine for more than a year, never a problem. *knock on wood* lol

  2. the 360 is a great game console. there r 3 types arcade (100$ 360white, controllers,cables no hard drive), pro( 360white, 250$controllers,cables, 60gb hard drive) and the elite(400$, 360black,controllers,cables, 120gb hard drive). it will last more than a year and i recomend u get the pro or the elite. i have 2 elites with coolers on the back(20$)and they work perfectly.

  3. I have a PS3, and personally, i think its better than the 360. It has free online and great games that the 360 doesn’t have; Killzone 2, Resistance 1 & 2, Little Big Planet, and more. If you have a 360 it costs hundreds of dollars for online and it isn’t reliable. I’ve had my ps3 for over a year, and there hasn’t been one problem. The controllers also don’t need batteries, which is more money spent on a 360. It’s up to you.

  4. Ok, first of wall, paying 600 bucks? Man, the xbox isn’t that expensive!.

    Second, don’t listen to people saying it will last one month!. The people who has RROD, most of them, didn’t take well of their xbox. You have to put it in a place where it can breath!, don’t put it inside some tv shelter. Also, dont put it on a carpet and dont cover it with ANYTHING. And if you are playing for 3 hours or 4, remember, give it a break!, just leave it there for an hour, you won’t die because of not playing an hour.

    And you are hearing this from someone who plays a lot, and has taken very well care of his xbox, I have had it for 2 years now, no problem at all ;).

    Go buy it, you won’t regret, besides, the new consoles, doesn’t have that much of a problem, Microsoft has changed the hardware so it won’t get the RRod that easily, you just have to follow my instructions and you will be totally fineeee!


    and just answering to the guy above me, yes, ps3 has free online experience, but trust me, XBOX its WAAAAAY BETTER, totally worth the 50 bucks a year!, thats less than 5 bucks a month (yes, took it from the ad).

    Yes, you can buy the play & charge kit, it isn’t that expensive and you will have the same as the ps3 controllers!, plus if you buy the PRO and get 1 year of live plus the play&charge kit, after all, it will be the same as the PS3

  5. i think you should i have had it for about 4-5 months now and its perfect well i like it and so far its great for me good luck deciding 🙂

  6. it lasts longer than a month. the red rings are inevitable, but that doesnt mean its shot for good. you get to send it in for 2-3 weeks and you get a brand new one, so dont worry about wasting money that way. and a new xbox is not 600 dollars. if you want a decent stock of new games, then yes your looking at 600 dollars. as far as accesories, do not buy the cooler thinking it will make it last longer without the rings. in fact it has been proven they cause the rings sometimes. every game and console has its bugs, so dont concentrate so much about that. i own one and have almost no problems with it. games to look out for are Halo 3 (bassically custom to own one with an xbox) Mass Effect, Elder scrolls IV obivion, and Call of duty.

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