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Should i Sell My Xbox 360.?


1.Should i Sell My Xbox 360 And Buy a PlayStation 3.

And 2. How Much Would I get For A Xbox 360 Pro (Everything In Box, Headphones Ect. With A Wireless Networking Adapter And 1 Controller. Games Include Grand Theft Auto IV, Indiana Jones Lego And FIFA 09. 2 Months Old

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  1. im doing the same mines in the adtader i never play it and i think the ps3 is better coz my nephu has a ps3 and there bril so im selling mine. DO IT!

  2. I personally think you shouldn’t sell it because all on the new game companies are focusing on the Xbox. Plus the graphics are much better than most other consoles, but it depends entirely on what games you prefer.

    If you were to sell it, then:

    Xbox + accessories: $300-$400

    Indiana Jones Lego: $10-$20

    GTA IV: $30-$45

    FIFA 09: $35-$40

    In all:

    Least: $385

    Most: $505

  3. i had a xbox 360 and sold it as it never got played on, then i bought a playstation3 it was good, better than the xbox in my eyes, free live so play online, good graphics and overall better, but the choice is yours.

  4. Yes, sell it! And don’t buy another game system. Those are a big waste of money. This is summer time, dude! Why don’t you play outside like kids used to before these stupid video games took control of their lives!

  5. Xbox 360 is better for alot of reasons including xbox live. Sux u have to pay for it though.


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