Home Playstation Forum slim ps3 or the older version of (ps3 the fat one)?

slim ps3 or the older version of (ps3 the fat one)?


new ps3’s are coming into the markets which look slim

they dont have linux version (which has something free i dono what?!!)

so are the new ps3 better or the old ones?

its about linux and something free with linux

plz tell me

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  1. There is no “better console.” The Slim has a few cosmetic changes and is a little more efficient. That’s basically it. Its nothing that makes it better or worse than the old console. They’re both essentially still the same core console.

    Linux is an Operating System that you could install on Fatboy PS3 to use it as a regular PC. The fact that you don’t even know what Linux is means that you likely would not have used it. Yes, its free, but its complicated to install and run. Its not for people who’ve never experienced Linux before (one reason why it was removed from the Slim).

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