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Some good PS3 games?


I’m running out of games to play and I don’t really know what to buy.

I really like sandbox games!

I like games where you can kill things from far away, but without having to shoot them. It could be something like a game where you could be a magic caster or something.

I also enjoy playing shooting games, but I really suck at it!

And most of all I really like a good story line! (But my favorite game is Journey, so it’s not a must).

Some of my favorite games are Skyrim, Assassins Creed, Red Dead Redemption, Infamous, GTA, Journey (best game ever!!), Tokyo Jungle, Bio Shock, Deus Ex, Uncharted, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Dragon age

But tell me about your favorite game for the PS3. And if you think there is a game that would suit me, please tell me about it 😀

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  1. I love the Mass Effect Series it has a great storyline and choice system if you haven’t played it yet you should try it.

    You should also try Dead Island 2.

    Some more of my favs are:


    Far Cry 3


    Splinter Cell Blacklist

    Deux Ex

    Infamous series

    Wheel Man and Split Second (Even though I’m not a racing fan)

    Saints Row Series

    Batman Series

    Medal of Honor Airborne

  2. Tomb Raider, Minecraft, Dead Island, Skyrim, Bio Shock [Infinite], Assasin’s Creed 4, Watch Dogs, Sleeping Dogs, Last of Us [Recommended], Fifa, Castle Crashers [Best one so far for you.], South Park: Stick of truth [Hilarious] XD

    Choose from top of these. See this list for more 😀

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