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surround sound that works with my ps3 and xbox 360?


ok i got my 60 inch flat screen tv check! have the ps3 check! xbox 360 check! now all i need is the theater sound for my games. is there a surround sound system out there that can work with my hdtv cable box and ps3 and x box systems? i use hdmi cables to play my games on both systems. im wondering if it is even possable to hook up a Surround sound to watch tv and play my games. help please. if so what do i buy?

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  1. Absolutely!

    Just look for a system that is an A/V system with enough HDMI inputs to handle your 3 devices. There’s a whole bunch of very good home theater systems from Yamaha, Sony, Denon, etc. that won’t break the bank either.

    You can do it all with HDMI, no need for optical cables if get the right receiver. Personally, even though I use a high-end Sony now, I really have liked the affordability and quality of the Yamaha systems. A lot of bang for your buck!

  2. It’s very possible to hook up a sweet surround sound system to match your TV and console set up. I’m not sure about the PS3.but the xbox has an optical audit output in the back. It’s basically the HDMI of sound. You’ll need a TOS link cable to connect the xbox to your surround sound system. Of course make sure the surround sound system has an input for the TOS link cable.

    As far as what to buy.I suppose that’s up to you. You’re price range, your preferences etc.

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