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The access point was not detected?


my ps3 does not catch any signal at all. It does not even try and when i try to search for signal, it says “the access point was not detected” and it doesnt say any number or anything. Please dont tell me to move my ps3 around, its been there for 2 years so i know thats not the case. Also do you know any place in England where they repair ps3 for this problem?

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  1. I had the same problem, my PS3 said you have been disconnected from the access point but my router still allowed me t use the internet. I ended up buying a whole new modem/router and it has worked perfect for me now.

  2. reboot your router , it’s not a strong enough signal , so if rebooting it does not help then either a newer better router or a cable for a wired connection is your solution

    if it is the ps3 just call sony support at 0844 736 0595 and they can repair or replace your ps3 with a refurbished system , if it’s out of warranty they just charge a flat fee no matter what is wrong with the ps3

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