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The best headset that works with PS3?


Im not very sure but i heard something like any bluetooth headset would work with PS3. anyway I want one that has good audio quality good sound, no echoes and so my mates can hear me perfectly.

I dont rly care if it works with phone or with other * cuz Im getting it practically just for ps3

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  1. Get a microsoft Lifechat USB headset.

    It amazing stereo quality, and really clear microphone input. I have one for my Playstation and Computer, and whether its gaming or recording, the quality is really nice.

    Plus, its really cheap, i got mine a sam’s club (when it was still around) for $30

  2. I currently use the Motorola H375 bluetooth headset. Amazon currently has it for $10.76. I love it. I use it for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty 5: World at War. No complaints about this headset.

  3. The best one for the ps3 is the official ps3 Bluetooth headset I have it and so do my friends and it sounds like we are talking on the phone with each other

  4. Well I own a jabra that I paid 80 for. And then I bought the socom one and I have no complaints as far as quality, your gonna want to find one with noise cancelling. Socom one has it.

    Everyone is going to say different ones. But the official ps3 one is pretty damn amazing

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