Home Videos The New Slimmer, Lighter PlayStation 4 – Everything You Need To Know

The New Slimmer, Lighter PlayStation 4 – Everything You Need To Know


Alongside the new PS4 Pro there’s also a new standard PS4 model which is slimmer and lighter than the existing model. This video gives you all the details.

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The New Slimmer, Lighter PlayStation 4 - Everything You Need To Know

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  1. He he reminds me of PS3 Super Slim. Removed all the costly parts and include only the cheap parts inside. Thats what Sony do all the time…

  2. I don't have a PS4 yet so I think ill get this sints it's pretty much the same thanks for the info you too :)

  3. I be interested in the amount of fan noise. For both the new consoles. The original PS4 fans are quite loud but do work well. Especially in a more open space.

  4. don't need a new ps4, need a new controller that i don't have to charge all the time , make a better battary time and i'm happy :)

  5. I live in the Southern Hemisphere. Will we get our own version of the console stand, or should our PS4s just stand on their heads?

  6. is it the same the cuh 1200 ps4 version or cuh 1206A ps4 version? please help me im getting confuse

  7. you are a retard wtf do you mean the box feels cheap wtf? do you expect the PS4 to fucking come in a fucking 10 carrot gold box? are you fucking autistic?

  8. I kinda appreciate the package quality because this thing is really expensive in my country so its satisfying to open a high quality box, you feel like you got some value for your money. But yeah with this model you are actually getting value for your money since its more quiet, more efficient and less power hungry I understand that. Its just nitpicking

  9. ps4 matte or ps4 glossy part is better?. im speaking about performance! answere me please!
    because im gonna take one of them! i need your device!

  10. Where did you purchase this new model with all the matte finish from? Are they available in the uk?

  11. I just bought one last week this same model. I was wondering why does it get mid heat fast? I am within 20-30 minutes and my ps4 is already feeling a but hot on the top. Doesn't anyone else have this, is it a problem or is it normal?

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